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For 2019, the kitchen will perfectly blend form and function and technology will become increasingly present, helping to make day to day life a little easier.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for millions so it makes sense that there is a strong desire to make it the dream space, whether that’s with an ultra-modern look, traditional country style or handcrafted wood effect.

As the hub of all activity, the kitchen is evolving to make living and cooking as efficient as possible while looking aesthetically impressive.

Furniture is defined by difference with a mix of standout materials to identify different pieces of furniture and to create zonal kitchen schemes that are not restricted by four walls or customary layouts.

Meanwhile, the experts talk about the idea of the ‘anti-kitchen’. The kitchen is still a space to love and cherish, but one that can be easily hidden away so as not to impose on a luxurious living area.

With this in mind, people have delved deep to uncover some of the biggest and emerging trends for the year that will help plan one’s dream kitchen.

From open shelving and glass fronted cabinets, to banquette style seating and dark colour palettes.
Unlike the past years where bright colours like orange, white and lime where fashionable, 2019 brought a whole new trending look for the kitchen.

Interior colour trends are embracing the darker colour palette, showing fewer primary colours and a greater emphasis on black which is contrasted with a bit of beige.

Happison Saungweme, a design consultant at one of Zimbabwe’s most established kitchen companies, Tusilago Kitchens said there is a sharp increase interest in black details in kitchens, reflecting the trend for using darker colours in the home.

“Smart kitchens with faucets (taps) and lighting that can sense your hands and movement and fridges that can update you to replenish your groceries are trending internationally.

“Dark colours with earth feel are the in thing, dark greys, beige. Effective area management and storage utilisation. Simplicity is the most sophistication. People are now going for clean lines with less details.”

He also said farm house and shaker designs are still popular and colourful appliances are trending.

“Engineered stone and quartz tops are the two must-have tops. Backsplashes, either mosaic and glass look ones as well. Centre islands remain very popular. Cup handles and knobs are amazing and gives you rich look when put on dark colours. Wood finish looking floors are the perfect match for dark colours cupboards,” he said.

When asked how often they are hired, Saungwena said they have a lot of people buying modern fused with contemporary kitchens.

“Our market has traditionally been focused in greater Harare but with the increase of internet connectivity, even clients in more remote parts of the country are well informed on kitchen trends and seek us out to realise their dreams. We’re happy to be able to cater to Zimbabwean home makers from different geographic areas as well as different demographics,” he said.

Other go-to kitchen designers said the trending and inspirational kitchen designs vary. These include open shelving, a trend which is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving.

This design is inspired by hotel and retail spaces. This adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.

Vintage vibe will continue to see traditional elements and forms in harmony with modern design in 2019. Think enhanced, natural stone, organic basalt tiles, hand wrapped rattan furniture and vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting.

Using wood in the kitchen is now fashionable, people are increasingly seeking connections from nature.

It creates a welcoming and calming environment, and is a timeless, versatile material they love. There is a growing desire for airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.

Introduction of integrated appliances like cooktops continue to be increasingly popular because of their seamless look. They said people no longer need to see appliances sticking out everywhere anymore and that’s the new face of luxury.
Richard Muchard, a kitchen designer at Kitchen Link, said kitched designs mainly depend on the clients taste.

“We are hired in all parts of the country and we go. We have over 150 colours therefore I can’t tell which colour is really trending because it depends with the customer’s taste.

“These days’ granite rock countertop for cupboards are trending and also the design depends on the size of the customer’s kitchen,” he said.

Recent years have revealed a slight change in granite’s domination. Granite has become the material of choice for homeowners looking to increase the resale value of their homes.

Their natural beauty and elegance make granite countertops a top choice amongst kitchen surfaces. Not only do they look stunning in a variety of kitchen spaces, but they’re also durable.

They’re available in a variety of colours, ranging from white and cream to deep grey and forest green.

That beauty and brute strength does, however, come with a hefty price tag, making granite one of the costlier among the various kitchen countertop options.

Many people are now even going to an extend of having their kitchen floors tiled with granite rock.
All white kitchens have been overtaken by the trending all black cupboards designs.

Streamlined kitchen designs are now fashionable, consider materials with texture. For those using open shelving, rough cut wood to bring in natural elements or metal tubing for a more industrial attitude.

These interesting textures are very different than the usual polished or glossy finishes we see everywhere.

One may even want to consider a ceiling treatment to bring in that added punch. Coffered, tray, and wood beams are the perfect choices to consider.

The kitchen is seen as the heart of the woman therefore there is need for the ladies to keep their kitchens upgraded and equipped all the time.

Source: The Herald Zimbabwe

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