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We have an obsession to quality

Do you need a personalized service, a review of your project from the layout of your professional kitchen through to the final installation of the material? Due to different tastes and requirements we guarantee a unique project to satisfy your most demanding usage. Our project managers work closely with you to get the best results. Our research & design department will find the most appropriate solutions that suit your needs. Our turn-key projects use optimal SAVING ENGINEERING. We manufacture, deliver and install professional kitchen units within an agreed terms. Maybe you have an idea of the material you require? Dzimbabwe Kitchens proposes only the best professional kitchen equipment. We deliver and install under the best lead-times across the country.

Dzimbabwe Kitchens proposes a large range of equipment suited to your professional kitchen needs: reception, preparation, cooking, distribution, bakery, pastry, cold and dishwashing, as well as your bar, café and laundry needs.