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About Dzimbabwe Industries

Dzimbabwe Industries promise you is to “Deliver durable construction materials in roofing, steel, kitchen and roofing”. Our vision is to create a modern society for our people in Africa.


Our Commitment

We are committed to sustainability and our path to sustainability is using lightweight steel which is good for you roofing, engineering and any construction project.

IBR manufacturing and distribution

Sheets can be manufactured to suit your individual roofing requirements. Colours that we stock for IBR Roofing and Q-Tile Roof sheets include …

Steel Fabrication

Our steel fabrication division provides thousands of tons of top-quality structural steel projects annually to construction, manufacturers and other firms throughout the SADC region.

Kitchen Designs

We supply a wide range of equipment suited for your professional kitchen needs: reception, preparation, cooking, distribution, bakery, pastry, dishwashing, café, laundry needs…


We are creative around bending in suspended ceilings of any architectural design and style. We do cover ceilings for; lobbies, bedrooms, lounges, hallways, churches, offices etc.



Our mission is to bring a new standard of quality, craftsmanship, safety, and technical support at competitive prices within the steel industry. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Explore our various blog posts and news items to dive more into the construction world!

Metal roof benefits

Among all benefits of metal roofing, its lifespan is always listed as the top benefit.  Compared to traditional asphalt shingles, metal is far more durable and long-lasting. If you compare modern metal roofing materials to other traditional roofing materials, like concrete tiles, you will find...

Metal roof flashing

Roof flashing is the installation of a thin metal sheet on roofs with the purpose of redirecting flow-water away from chimneys, roof joints and walls. Flashing can be installed like shingles, with one piece lapping another, or it can be sealed to function as one...

Metal roof types

There are quite a number of roofing types to choose from in this day and age. Did you know that there are solar tiles for roofing? Solar tiles can absorb solar energy which can be utilized in your home. They can be convenient as an...

Tips on buying steel in Zimbabwe

Steel is the alternate most important commodity in the world moment, after crude oil. These pointers will help you when you buy steel – be it TMT steel for construction, or fabrication steel or any other kind of steel....

Dzimbabwe Industries moves to new location

Dzimbabawe Industries would like to notify our valued customers and stakeholders that we have moved our offices and factory to No. 19 Leyland Rd, New Ardbennie, Harare, Zimbabwe from No. 45A Spurrier Road, New Ardbennie, Harare, Zimbawe...

4 major benefits of steel roofing in Zimbabwe

While tiles and thatch have their attractions, steel roof sheeting is one of the best roofing types available today. Whether it’s for a home, a workshop or a commercial property, modern galvanized metal roofing sheets such as ZincAL offer rust-proof, affordable sheeting to meet all...


We are mainly active in the following industrial sectors:

  • Construction
  • Steel Merchants
  • Furniture
  • Engineering
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Petro Chemical
  • Pipelines and Associated Industries
  • Exporters
  • Rail
  • Energy
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